Focused On Our Mission

Before Focused Apparel Company was a provider of clothing and accessories, Marc Jones, the company’s founder appreciated a taste for fashion early on. Influenced by popular fashions woven into the formal banquet night fashion scenes of the late 60’s and 70’s, to bold styles he’d encounter as a teen in the 80’s, and edgy styles of the 90’s. Lasting impressions that would shape a brand for everyone.

 Founded in 2021, what began as a shirt printing hobby for fellow Marine Veterans at a local VFW, eventually developed into more requests for custom T-Shirts for veterans and family reunions.   

Focused Apparel launched their Summer Collection in June of 2023 and continues to explore methods to establish and expand their brand identity. Know there is a clothing brand focused on the most important element, you, the customer, and providing the best clothing for your personal journey to greatness.


There will be obstacles, and there will be challenges during your journey, but the idea is to keep pushing, remain stylish, stay focused.

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